13 Sep

Crypto prices rise as Bitcoin rallies 6.65% to reclaim support above $26k

Crypto traders welcomed the sight of rising prices on Tuesday after the weakness of the past couple...

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  • 2023 Sep 13
29 Aug

An Open Letter to President Biden Regarding Bitcoin Mining

Proof-of-work mining could be a key component of the administrations plans to expand renewables and...

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  • 2023 Aug 29
14 Jun

What Winter? Institutions’ Crypto View Rosier Than You Think

Nomura’s global survey shows that commitment to digital assets remains strong outside the U.S., offe...

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  • 2023 Jun 14
15 May

Bitcoin Is a Threat to the Energy-Use Status Quo – and That’s a Good Thing

Banning or taxing crypto and crypto mining out of existence isn’t going to solve this country’s issu...

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  • 2023 May 15
29 Apr

The Crypto Miner Reckoning: No Fate but What We Make

Remember the days when bitcoin (BTC) mining difficulty was still in the single-digit billions, there...

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  • 2023 Apr 29
15 Feb

Bitcoin Hash Rate Up by 50%: Miners Increases Production

There is not a dull day in the crypto space, say what? With the year end of 2022 ending on a milder...

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  • 2023 Feb 15
10 Nov

Is cryptocurrency the future of finance? Here's what a new study shows

With the US 2022 midterm elections still in the balance, economic issues have dominated recent discu...

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  • 2022 Nov 10
23 May

From Hash Rate to Renewables: How Does Crypto Mining Work in 2022?

Cryptocurrency mining has become a hot topic over the past couple years. Whether mining Litecoin whi...

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  • 2022 May 23
12 Jan

Crypto Prices Move More in Sync With Stocks, Posing New Risks

There’s a growing interconnectedness between virtual assets and financial markets.Crypto assets such...

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  • 2022 Jan 12
09 Nov

Bitcoin price surges to record high of more than $68,000

Other cryptocurrencies such as ethereum also reach records as investors hedge against inflationThe b...

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  • 2021 Nov 09
03 Aug

Green Bitcoin Mining’: The Big Profits In Clean Crypto

Bitcoin is infamous for wasting enough electricity to add 40 million tons of carbon dioxide to the a...

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  • 2021 Aug 03
16 Feb

Bitcoin hits $50,000 milestone as world’s No. 1 cryptocurrency extends gain in 2021

 The weekend rally pushes bitcoin to a record mark of $50,584.85, according to CoinDeskBitcoin price...

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  • 2021 Feb 16
30 Dec

Bitcoin jumps to record $28,600 as 2020 rally reaches new heights

LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin on Wednesday jumped to a record $28,599.99, after the digital currency al...

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  • 2020 Dec 30
16 Feb

How to Mine Bitcoin in 2020

Bitcoin mining is a great way to earn cryptocurrency while providing a valuable service to the globa...

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  • 2020 Feb 16
26 Nov

Best Crypto Coins To Mine in 2019 & 2020

If you are looking to mine cryptocurrencies, which I believe you are, then you might want to know wh...

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  • 2019 Nov 26
19 Jul

Embracing New Energy-Powered Cloud Mining: TopHash's Limitless Potential and Lucrative Prospects

IntroductionWith the rapid rise of digital currencies, cryptocurrency mining has captured significan...

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  • 2019 Jul 19